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Cleaning formulation for impression trays to remove alginates, stone plaster, etc. by simple immersion followed by simple rinsing with water. No scrubbing required and is safe for hands.

It disintegrates alginates or plaster on impression trays by simple immersion followed by rinsing in water, without scrubbing. It can be used on all plastic and metallic impression trays (except aluminium trays) and also to clean spatulas and alginate mixing bowls.

Directions of use:

  • Immerse the metal/plastic accessories into an appropriate vessel
  • Using the measuring spoon, put three measures of powder into the vessel
  • Fill the vessel with hot water
  • Let stand into the solution for a few hours or, preferably overnight and then rinse the impression trays under running water (only nickel silver trays and plastic trays used with an adhesive require light scrubbing)
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  • 1 x 1kg Tray Solve bottle

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