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These saliva ejectors are made of certified medical atoxic plastic, according to the latest edition of the European Pharmacopeia. The filter insert, completely rounded, without sharp points and edges, ensures maximum delicacy and can even be used on sore gums. 

The copper wire is fit solidly in the tube, so as to avoid any chance of it coming out of either end, in addition to guaranteeing the desired shape is maintained perfectly.


  • CE, ISO, FDA Approved
  • Pliable, holds their shape
  • The tip minimizes tissue impingement, make comfortable of patients
  • Color: Clear/Transparent
  • European Standard Size: 150x6.5mm
  • Made From Medical Grade, Toxic Free PVC
  • Reinforced by Copper Clad Wire
  • Semi Soft Tip, No Patient Irritation or Blockage
  • Comfortable & Safe for Patients
  • Disposable
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