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Prime Dental Products offers unique needles for root canal irrigation with 2 side vents. Side vents shall avoid irrigation fluid to be pushed apically hence an ideal choice while irrigation. We offer 2 side vents instead of conventionally 1 side vent, further reducing pressure. Both vents are designed to situate opposite each other offering more radial wash. As needle is blocked from front chances of irrigation fluid being pushed apically is further reduced.


  •   Irrigation needle with two side wents.
  •   Side went avoids irrigation fluid to be pushed apically.

Instruction of use:

  •   Gently eject irrigation fluid solution in the canal.
  •   Sterilize needle before use.


  •   Twents are not for injection purpose.
  •   Do not lock Twents insidethe canal while irrigation.


  •   Store away from sunlight in cool and dry place.
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  •   10 x non-sterile needles.

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