Prime&Bond Universal 4ml - Dentsply

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Prime&Bond Universal 4ml - Dentsply

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Prime & Bond universal provides well balanced hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties to ensure complete coverage and penetration at varying moisture levels. So even if dentin is overly wet or dry, you get a reliable bond that actively guards against the leading causes of adhesive failure.

Prime & bond universal provides:

• Versatility for use with all etching methods, all indications
• Reliable performance on over-wet and over-dried dentin
• Virtually no post-operative sensitivity
• Low film thickness for a reduced risk of pooling and misfit of the
• A relaxed working time and reduced waste, remaining usable for 30 minutes in a closed CliXdish
• High initial bond strength with Calibra Ceram cement for indirect
• A patented formulation free of HEMA, TEGDMA, or bisphenol.


  • Direct, light-cured composite and compomer restorations.
  • Composite, ceramic and amalgam repairs.
  • Cavity varnish for use with fresh amalgam.
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