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MANI Micro Kit is specifically designed to offer esthetics with strong & long-lasting filling combined with universal light-curing MANI Micro Composite and MANI Bond. Ensure excellent optical and mechanical properties of Micro Hybrid composite with optimized formula of MANI Bond that offers exceptional bond strength onto natural dental enamel


  • Contains ultrafine, radiopaque glass filler, indicated for placing fillings using adhesive techniques.
  • Unsurpassed esthetics: excellent polish and better polish retention.
  • Ensures high luster, homogenous surface due to special particle structure.
  • Biocompatible and very gentle on the gums.
  • Copes well with a heavy load, abrasion resistant yet antagonist-friendly for long lasting restorations.
  • Extremely plaque resistant, very smooth surface.
  • Improved fluorescence.


  1. Direct anterior and posterior restorations in g.v. black’s class i, ii, iii, iv, and v cavities
  2. Indirect restorations such as inlays, onlays and laminate veneers
  3. Extended fissure sealing in molars and premolars
  4. Stump build-up
  5. Splinting loose teeth
  6. Adjusting the contours and shades to improve aesthetics
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  • Micro Hybrid Composite – 4g X 4 N Syringes (1 Each of A1, A2, A3, A3.5 Shade)
  • MANI BOND (Selective Etch Bond) - 5ml X 1 N Bottle

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