Filtek P60 Posterior Composite syringe 4g #B2 - 3M

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3M ESPE Filtek P60 Posterior Restorative is a visible-light activated, radiopaque, restorative composite. It is designed for use in posterior restorations. The filler in Filtek P60 restorative is zirconia/silica. The inorganic filler loading is 61% by volume (without silane treatment) with a particle size range of 0.01 to 3.5 μm. Filtek P60 restorative contains BIS-GMA, UDMA, and BIS-EMA resins. A dental adhesive is used to permanently bond the restoration to the tooth structure. The restorative is available in a variety of shades. It is packaged in traditional syringes


  • Superior Packability: Packs well without sticking to instrument. Excellent marginal adaptation and interproximal contact
  • Easy Sculpting: With exceptional resistance to slumping
  • Fastest Placement Technique: Takes only 20 seconds to cure an increment of 2.5mm
  • Low Polymerization Shrinkage: Less stress on the tooth, less sensitivity potential for the patient
  • Excellent Wear Resistance and Strength: Means you can be confident of long-lasting posterior restorations


  • Direct posterior restorations class I and II
  • Sandwich technique with glass ionomer resin material
  • Cusp buildups
  • Core buildups
  • Splinting
  • Indirect posterior restorations including inlays and onlays
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  • 1 x 4g Syringe

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