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EpoSeal is a Root Canal Sealing Material of two component paste to paste composition based on epoxy resin and tri-calcium phosphate


  • Root canal sealing using gutta purcha or silver points

Product Benefits

  • EpoSeal can be used together with gutta percha or silver root canal points
  • It can be used for all traditional and more recent root canal sealing techniques
  • It is also suitable for the thermoplasticize method, single point method and all condensation techniques
  • During root canal re-treatment if EpoSeal is used in combination with GP points the root canal filling can be easliy removed


  • Manual Mix : 1 x 9g Base Paste, 1 x 45g Catalyst Paste, 1 x Mixing Pad, 1 x Instruction Manual
Technical Data   Standard Applied
1 Mixing Time 15 - 20 Sec ISO 6876
2 Working Time 10 - 12 Min
3 Setting Time 15 - 20 Min
4 Flow 50-70 mm
5 Solubility > 2%
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Brand Prevest Denpro
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