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AVUE AvuePex - Premixed Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform

Premixed Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform. The addition of Iodoform to the Calcium Hydroxide improve it’s radiopacity and adds an antibacterial agent to the paste.


25-35%-calcium hydroxide -To stimulate hard tissue formation, as well as to exert antimicrobial actions. Released calcium ions play important roles in cell stimulation ,migration and proliferation, as well as in mineralization and hard tissue repair
15-25%-Iodoform –Radiopacifier and Bacteristatic agent
30-40%-Silicone Oil-using a more viscous solvent could improve the clinical handling and slow the rate of hydroxyl ion release, allowing for less frequent re-dressing of the root canal system

Ideal for temporay filling of root canal

Calcium hydroxide has ionic effect observed by chemical dissociation into calcium and hydroxyl ions. Calcium and hydroxyl ions have antimicrobial effects and induce mineralization. Calcium hydroxide stimulates “blast” cells aiding apexogenesis and its high pH neutralizes endotoxins produced by anaerobic bacteria.

Iodoform has bacteriostatic property by releasing free iodine. Thereby, iodine eliminates the infection of root canal and periapical tissue by precipitating protein and oxidizes essential enzymes. Iodoform also enhances radiopacity for better visualization.

Root canal filling material after pulpectomy in deciduous/ primary teeth

The primary advantage is that it resorbs from periapical tissue in one to two months, is apparently harmless to permanent tooth germ, is radioopaque, does not set to hard mass, and is easily inserted and removed.

Avuepex has osteoinductive action

Hydroxyl ions act on the cytoplasmic membrane of bacteria and it enhances tissue enzymes activity such as alkaline phosphatase which plays a role of extending roots and apical closure.

Regenerate bone around the roots of avulsed tooth posttrauma. 

Healing of periapical lesion within 2 months with mild to moderate pain indication is crucial properties when comparing AVUEPEX to conventional treatment.

Advantages of AvuePex

-Excellent antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties

-Saves time! Pre-mixed and pre-filled
-Superior Radiopacity-easy to check the presence of residue
-Quick and Simple Application Pre-bent tip ensures accessibility to apex 
-Does not harden, so Ca(OH)2 remains active
-Disinfects Canal Promotes
-Hard tissue formation
-Treats Traumatic Injuries
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