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AvueAlgin is a Non Chromatic, Dust Free Hydrocolloid Alginate Impression material by Dental Avenue.

Features of AvueAlgin:

Superior Accuracy and Detail Replication:

Avue Algin dental alginate impression material, enriched with hydrocolloid, is engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy and detail replication. Hydrocolloid technology enhances the flow and elasticity of the material, allowing it to capture even the finest details of dental anatomy. This results in highly accurate impressions that aid in precise diagnosis, treatment planning, and the creation of prosthetic restorations

Enhanced Dimensional Stability:

One of the key advantages of incorporating hydrocolloid into AvueAlgin dental alginate is its superior dimensional stability. This means that the impressions remain stable and maintain their shape even after removal from the patient's mouth. Dental professionals can confidently rely on the accuracy and integrity of the impressions, ensuring optimal results throughout the treatment process

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