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Waldent Ergo is an ergonomically designed Intra Oral Camera with Monitor that serves as an important tool for Patient Education and Treatment Planning. Spiral wire for attaching the camera and integrated handle for moving the monitor improves the overall handling experience. Applying the technology of high definition lenses and cold light LED, it carries the embedded operating system. It supports a built-out USB device, multi-view display, QR code transmission, etc.


  • Ideally Used for Diagnosis & Treatment Planning.


  •   SD Card / External Drive Storage.
  •   High-Speed Image Processing Technology.
  •   Highly Integrated Design with Handle.
  •   High Definition Video and Photography Function.
  •   Video Recording.
  •   Multi-picture screen.
  •   It can be connected to both mobile & computer.
  •   High Definition large screen.
  •   Good Picture storage.
  •   Easy Operation.
  •   Four high-energy LED cold light design.
  •   Reduce inspection time.
  •   It can store lesion images for easy observation and continuous observation.
  •   Bright colors.
  •   High resolution.
  •   Easy to observe.



  • 17 HD Display.
  • Embedded operating system.
  • JPG image format and MP4 video playback.
  • High-speed image processing technology.
  • Ergonomic design with a simple and personalized handle attached with it improves the overall handling experience
  • Length of the monitor -38.5cm
  • The breadth of the monitor -36.5cm

Intra Oral camera

  • 10 Megapixel CMOS.
  • Auto Focus
  • 4 x Zoom 
  • 1280 x 1024 resolution.
  • Six high intensity LED lights.
  • Patient safety and comfort is a primary concern of this camera.

System Operation:

  • Remote control / key control.
  • Key Function
    • Key 1 - Capture image / Turn off camera / Save picture
    • Key 2 - Switch picture mode / Cancel picture/ Take video
    • Key 3 - Play forward / Delete all picture
    • Key 4 - Play backward / Delete current picture or video

Variety of Input & Output:

  • An input and output port is an interface or a point of connection between the operating system and peripheral device.
  • The main function of this port is to act as a point of attachment, where the cable from the peripheral can be plugged in and allows data to flow from and to the device.

SD Storage:

  • Without any doubt, the first advantage is that you can achieve increased storage with ease.
  • Due to its small size, the SD card is removable and portable. Hence, if you eject it, you can take it all around.
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Brand Waldent
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  •   Warranty for manufacturing defects only.
  •   12 Month Manufacturer warranty on device.
  •   Physical damage is not covered in any case.
  • 1 x VGA Monitor
  • 1 x VGA Camera
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x DC Adapter 12V
  • 1 x DC Cable
  • 1 x Intra Oral Camera 
  • 1 x Intra Cameral Holder
  • 1 x SD card / Pendrive
  • 1 x Pack of Intra Oral Cameral Sleeves
  • 1 x Card Reader

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