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The "Stericab" is Compact Ultraviolet Storage cabinet that has effective UV sterilization ability to maintain & preserve instruments without any fear of contamination of micro organisms once they are Sterilized orAutoclaved. The "Stericab" is equipped with Germicidal Tube which efficiently emits a large amount of ultraviolet rays at wavelength 253.7nm which have excellent germicidal effect and thereby prohibiting growth and reproduction of micro organisms. The "Stericab" is commonly useful for Medical & dental centers/clinics, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, Environmental protection industry, etc.


  • The "Stericab" is fabricated in rust-proof, heavy gauge MS sheet with fine Epoxy powder coated finish.
  • The effectiveness and UV intensity is achieved by using reflection therefore the inner chamber is made with rust proof has stainless steel bright mirror finish sheet which reflects the UV rays to pass uniformly through entire work surface area within the cabinet.
  • It accommodates 12 Stainless steel specially designed die pressed trays.
  • The UV Germicidal Tube is mounted on the reflector on the door side which emits UV rays.
  • UV-protection glass blocks UV exposure outside the cabinet when under operation.
  • Magnetic gasket seals the chamber and door switch interlocks immediately cut out the UV source when the door is opened, preventing accidental UV exposure

Technical Specifications

Chamber Dimension 300 X 190 X 510mm
Power Consumption 8W & 16W UV Tubes
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
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