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Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill by Ivoclar Vivadent is a light curing, packable composite resin used in restoration of posterior teeth. It is a part of the nano-optimized Tetric N-Collection. Tetric N-Ceram enables restoration of posterior teeth with only one layer, when the cavity is up to 4 mm in thickness. The incorporation of a patented light initiator ‘Ivocerin’ is responsible for ensuring complete cure of the filling. When compared to conventional light initiators and activators, the Ivocerin polymerization booster is much more reactive. A conditioned shrinkage stress reliever has been added to reduce shrinkage and shrinkage stress. This light cure composite can be cured with light in the wavelength ranging between 400 – 500 nm (blue light) and can be filled in increments off 4 mm. This saves a lot of chair time, which is a valuable resource for dentists.

Time savings of up to 55%:
User studies have shown that clinicians can save up to 55% of the time required for the incremental technique if they use a bulk-fill material (with Tetric N-Flow and Tetric N-Ceram).

Ivocerin light initiator and Aessencio technology:
Another strength of the new composite lies in the Aessencio technology. This technology causes the translucency of the material to decrease from 28% to approx. 10% during polymerization. In combination with the highly reactive patented Ivocerin light initiator, the Aessencio technology enables composite increments up to a thickness of 4 mm to be cured, while at the same time a low dentin-like translucency can be maintained, allowing, among other things, discoloured tooth structure to be masked. This property makes Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill the ideal companion for Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill, which features an enamel-like translucency. Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill should be covered with a load-bearing composite. For restorations in deciduous teeth, the material can be applied without a capping layer.


  • Patented light initiator ‘Ivocerin’
  • Special filler technology
  • Esthetic results
  • Reduced volumetric shrinkage and shrinkage stress
  • Versatile application and shading options
  • Time savings of up to 55%
  • Aessencio technology


  • Class I and Class II posterior tooth restorations
  • Restoration of primary teeth
  • Class V restorations
  • Preventive restorations in molar and premolar teeth
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  • 1 x 2g IVA Syringe
  • 5 x Applicator Tips

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