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37% promotes strong bonding

Super Etch 37% wt phosphoric acid etchant for enamel and dentin Easily controlled Super Etch gel fl ows under direction, not under gravity

37% wt phosphoric acid

30 to 40% wt phosphoric acid optimally etches in 15 to 20 seconds. Lower concentrations require longer contact time, unnecessarily delaying procedures.

Selective enamel etching

Super Etch’s high viscosity and easy to control fl ow allows precise placement. It is perfect for selective enamel etching procedures.

Blue tint gel

High visibility for precise selective placement.

Thixotropic gel

Super Etch non-slump gel offers precise selective placement. Agitate the gel to lower its viscosity.

Super Etch

Super Etch creates micropores in the enamel surface and removes the smear layer to unblock dentinal tubules. It promotes adhesive resin penetration and resin tag formation. Super Etch is vital for the restoration’s mechanical retention.

Dye free Etchant

A clear dye free 37% liquid etchant is also available for patients who suffer dye allergies.

Super Etch syringes

Super Etch offers an easy to use, leak free syringe. Direct extrusion facilitates faster procedures, economical dispensing and easier access into diffi cult to reach areas.



  •   Etching dentin and enamel
  •   Selective enamel etching

In conjunction with all

  •   Adhesives
  •   Composites
  •   Compomers
  •   Glass ionomers
  •   Sealants
  •   Cements

To clean

  •   Porcelain
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  •   1 x 1.2mL(1.5gm) Syringe

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