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SDR Plus is the improved next generation of the leading and still unmatched flowable bulk-fill material SDR.

  • Voids and gaps between restoration and cavity walls directly influence secondary caries formation
  • Improper adaptation of composite during placement leads to the formation of voids
  • High shrinkage stress may lead to marginal gap formation

Low shrinkage stress

During light-cured polymerization, resin monomers are in chaotic movement as they begin to form the polymer matrix. SDR technology enables the formation of a more relaxed network, minimizing the build-up of stress. This reduces the risk of gap formation during polymerization.

Shrinkage stress: Shown as a ratio of SDR Plus material vs. competitors


SDR’s unique chemistry helps ensure the longevity and overall quality of a bulk fill restoration. SDR flowable bulk fill technology fills and easily adapts to the cavity, flowing into nooks and crannies to provide excellent cavity adaptation during placement.

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  • 15 x SDR Plus Compula Tips
  • Shade: Universal

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