Sapphire Plus Low Profile MBT022 Brackets 20Pc [BKS-M2-504] - Modern Ortho

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  • SecureLock Hooks
    • Offer best locking of chains and accessories. Due to thinnest hook stem design large amount undercut is present beneath the half round ball of hook and chains will not slip out in between the patient appointments.
  • Gingival offset bicuspid brackets
    • offer a large bonding base covering more area on the occlusal one third of buccal surface and increasing bond strength. Helps in fast eruption of partially erupted bicuspid
  • Advanced 17-4 low nickel alloy
    • for maximum strength in thinnest walls and zero slot collapse
  • ZeroF ultra low friction slot
    • Advanced polishing process creates mirror finish by removing high surface peaks at molecular level
  • CNC milled slot
    • for precision and smoothness.
  • Rounded the wings
    • for patient comfort
  • Centre scribe line
    • for accurate bracket placement in line with the long axis of tooth.
  • 80 Gauge mesh pod
    • Compound contoured diagonal mesh pad for maximum bonding strength and zero rocking.
  • Exact in - Out
    • Dimensions
  • Palladium alloy braze
    • assures strongest possible brazed joint and resist electrolytic reaction that can cause brazing failure during use.

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Upper/Lower 5x5 MBT 0.22" (0.56mm) Hooks on 3,4,5

Cuspid brackets in this Kit are having -7 deg torque in uppers and -6 deg torque in lowers.

  • 20 x Brackets

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