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ProTaper Gold features the same simplicity, smoothly tapered shapes and predictable performance you know and trust from ProTaper Universal. Now the ProTaper legacy continues with ProTaper Gold. Developed with proprietary advanced metallurgy, ProTaper Gold rotary files deliver greater flexibility for predictable ProTaper performance that’s more brilliant than ever.

  • Increased Flexibility
  • Greater Resistance to Cyclic Fatigue
  • Shorter 11 mm Handle
  • Preferred Over ProTaper Universal

The ProTaper Gold TM technology includes a series of “Shaping” and “Finishing” files that create the predictable ProTaper ® shape, and a system proven by science and trusted by clinicians throughout the world.

ProTaper Gold’s visibly advanced metallurgy creates a difference you can see – and feel. That’s because ProTaper Gold TM rotary files feature the same This is especially important in the Finishing Files, when navigating challenging curves in the apical region.

ProTaper Gold Shaping Files: pre-enlarge canals and are designed to be used with the same familiar outstroke brushing technique.

ProTaper Gold Finishing Files: provide the trusted deep shapes that promote 3D cleaning and filling root canal systems.

  • FINISHING FILES (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5)

Technical Data

File Size Speed(rpm) Torque [g•cm]
ProTaper Gold ® S1 & SX 300 520
ProTaper Gold ® S2 & F1 300 150
ProTaper Gold ® F2, F3, F4, F5 300 312


For the removal of dentin and shaping of the root canal.


As with all mechanically driven root canal instruments, ProTaper Gold ® files should not be used in cases
of severe and sudden apical curvatures due to heightened risk of separation.


  • Rotary files contain nickel and should not be used for individuals with known allergic sensitivity to this metal.
  • It is highly recommended to use a rubber dam systemduring the endodontic procedure.
  • ProTaper Gold ® files are provided sterile and cannot be reused. Re-use would increase the risk of cross contamination or breakage.


As with all new products, you must exercise caution until you become proficient in its use. Length determination is imperative to ensure proper instrumentation using any rotary or hand instrument. The use of radiographs and an apex locator are two acceptable methods of length determination. These instruments are to be used only in a clinical or hospital environment by qualified users following good
dental practice (using gloves, glasses and a dental dam etc.). While we have implemented safeguards against possible misuse, there are several important points to remember:

  1. A slow-speed handpiece is required for rotary file use.
  2. Operate the hand piece at a speed of 300 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute).



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  • 1 x Pack of 6 Rotary Files

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