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The Porcelain Adjustment Kit or Porcelain Finishing Kit has specially selected assortment of white stones and porcelain polishers for chair-side adjustment and glaze like polishing of porcelain restorations prior to placement. This set is indispensable in the dental laboratory for very fine adjustments of porcelain restorations and subsequent high-gloss polishing


  • Helps eliminate the tedious re-firing process.
  • Saves time by avoiding the restoration being sent to the Lab for re-glazing, which may affect the Porcelain colour or metal framework of the restoration.
  • Prevents the inconvenience of a recall appointment for the patient
  • It contains all the important instruments for
    • Adjustments: Dura-White
    • Prepolishing: Ceramisté Standard
    • Polishing: Ceramisté Ultra (yellow band)
    • High gloss: Ceramisté Ultra II (white band)
  • Recommended average speed:
    • Ceramiste points- Speed of 10,000 – 12,000 rpm
    • Dura White stones- Speed of 5, 000 – 20,000 rpm
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Kit of 12 points:

  • Dura White Stones HP: 1 each CN1, FL3 & RE1 – for adjusting & finishing
  • Ceramisté Points HP: 1 each of KN7, PC2 & WH6 in Standard, Ultra & Ultra II grits – for polishing

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