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The Microdont Polyester Strips are presented in pack pf 50. They can be used for a great polishing and finishing on the composite, and have at the same strip side abrasives with medium and fine grit. Also used for interproximal surfaces.


  • Each polishing bar has particles with different thicknesses. When used, coarse polishing and fine polishing are performed in one step. There is no need to replace the polishing bar, and the work efficiency is higher
  • Thin and flexible tapes with high strenght covered with micro aluminum oxide particles of medium and fine grains (gapped center)
  • Suitable for excellent finishing which results in a bright and smooth surface for the compound resin restoration
  • It is mainly used to trim and polish the surface of all restorations between adjacent teeth
  • Line polyester strips are manufactured with selected aluminum oxide with an average particle size fine


  • Place the sand-free part in the middle of the polishing bar into the tooth space. The sand faces the prosthesis to be polished. Hold the polishing bar with both hands and pull it back and forth with a powerful reciprocating action to achieve the polishing effect


  • Specification: 2.5mm, 50 pcs, single side
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  • Pack of 50 Polyester Abrasive Strips

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