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  • One Coat 7.0 is a 7th generation, single component, light-cured, self-etching adhesive designed to etch, prime and bond all in one solution for effortless bonding performance on any surface
  • One bottle – fewer components save time and minimize confusion
  • One coat – no reapplication or waiting period required
  • Fast application in 35 seconds – fewer steps save time and minimize error
  • Low-evaporation formula – no volatile acetone-based solvents that can quickly evaporate
  • Nanofilled technology – delivers a homogenous bond layer and improves mechanical properties
  • Outstanding shear bond strength
  • Superior marginal integrity with low risk of marginal sensitivity
  • One Coat 7.0 Activator – compatibility to chemical-cured materials:


  • Adhesive bonding for use with adhesive restorative techniques
  • Adhesive bond of composite and compomer materials to enamel and dentin
  • Adhesive bond of ceramic and composite restorations to enamel and dentin
  • Adhesive bond of composite material to ceramics, composite material, metal and amalgam
  • Dentin sealing:


  • Methacrylates
  • Photo initiators
  • Ethanol Water
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  • Bottle of 5 ml

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