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Precision Luxators are used to force a wedge between the root of the tooth and the surrounding bone,which helps to loosen the tooth within the socket. Precision Luxators are often used to

  • Cut the peridontal ligament
  • Simple and effective alveolar bone compression
  • Pre step for extraction procedure
  • Preseve bone integrity


  • Reduced trauma to teeth & tissues
  • Gentle penetration & efficient cutting of PDL


  • Tips are more finely tapered than elevators tips
  • Combination of a Periotome and an elevator
  • The sharp tip enables more efficient cutting of the periodontal ligament, while the tapering shaft assists with controlled expansion of the bony socket
  • The extraction operation may be performed with the minimum amount of tissue damage
  • Ergonomic design
    • Serrated handles - Better Grip
    • Sharp Tip - Better Adaptation to root surface Cut PDL easily
    • Large handles - Better Operator fit
  • light in weight as well as simple to grip.
  • Imported Premium Quality Stainless Steel.
  • Corrosion resistant - Passivated
  • Autoclavable

How to use:

Luxators are used in cutting & rotating manner & permits a gentle widening of the alveole & major part of extraction can be done without forceps.

The shank & blade are placed parallel to root surface of tooth and tip of the luxator is pushed into alveolar socket. It is always a matter of personal choice and experience.

Long / short - Using the regular or the short periotome is a matter of control and access. The 10mm shorter blade on Luxator Short Peritome enables an optimal working position for smaller hands.

Contra - Good access from the lingual and/or distal side.

Inverted - About the same but less. General, Lingual and/or Distal

Curved - General use or starter. Good from the buccal side

Straight - Apical and/or interproximal

L3A - Distal of the third molar

Dual Edge - Start of difficult, well hidden, root extraction, extract fractured tips. Safer stepped insertion reduces the risk of slipping. Ideal for deeply fractured teeth and decayed roots.

L3S: 3mm Straight , Apical

L3C: 3mm Curved, Interproximal

L5S: 5mm Straight Molar Roots

L5C: 5mm Curved, Interproximal

L3CA: 3mm Contra-Angle, Lingual Distal Molars

Technical Specifications:

  • Rusting Prevention - Passivated
  • Ultrasonic cleaned - Yes
  • Usage - Right & Left hand
  • Test Performed - Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test
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  • 1 x Pack of 5 Luxators (L3S, L3C, L5S, L5C, L3CA)

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