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The built-in LEDs in one light, which can achieve an optimal broadband spectrum of 385 to 515nm that is similar to the spectrum of halogen lights; therefore, new light is suitable for polymerizing the entire range of photoinitiators and materials currently used in dentistry. 

The light-absorbing peak of traditional material (including camphorquinone; the red line on the figure) is 460nm, so the curing can be done by either General Curing Light or Wide-Spectrum Curing Light. But camphorquinone is of yellow color. It is not suitable  to add large amounts of it to bleaching resin or light-colored resins.

The light absorbing peak of new materials (including TPO; the blue line in the figure above) is 405nm. Compared with general Light Curing LED, B-Cure owns additional 385nm - 420nm wave band which is able to better curing this kind of new material. TPO is of white color. Thus it is suitable for adding to the bleaching resin and light-colored resins.


  •   Thus it is suitable for adding to the bleaching resin and light-colored resins.
  •   Equipped with 5W LED: maximum light intensity can reach 2000mW/cm
  •   Curing normal resins that is thicker than 2mm in three seconds
  •   Two modes of operation:
    •   Ortho Mode: Light cure automatically adjusts to2000mW/cm2. User can adjust set single curing time for 3s or 5s. 10 circles of curing with interval of 1s, One operation can basically finish the cementation of 2 to 3 brackets, which reduces operation and efficiency.
    •   Soft Mode: The power of LED gradually increases, giving longer gel period for resin to reduce the edge discomfort caused by stress contraction of resin.
  •   Can be autoclaved under 134°C high temperature and 0.22MPa pressure, effectively avoiding cross infection.
  •   Adopts ergonomic design with smooth lines and small size, doctors can easily hold it.
  •   LED display screen


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  •   Warranty for manufacturing defects only.
  •   1 Year warranty on device.
  •   Physical damage is not covered in any case.
  •   1 x Charger Adaptor
  •   1 x Charging Station
  •   2 x Battery
  •   1 x Light Hood
  •   1 x LED Light Cure Device
  •   1 x Instruction Manual
  •   1 x Optical Fibre

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