Impreceed Dust-free Alginate Impression Material 454gm - GC

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From powder to perfect paste in just 20 seconds.

The new IMPRECEED powder is incorporated rapidly into water through enhanced powder-water affinity, allowing more spatulation time to obtain a smooth bubble-free mix within 20 seconds.

The reliable properties of IMPRECEED remain unchanged.

Physical Properties:

  • Setting types: Normal
  • Compressive Strengths: 0.7 MPa
  • Strain in Compression: 14.6%
  • Recovery from deformation: 97.4%

Working Time:

  • Mixing Time: 20-30s
  • Minimum Time in mouth: 120s
  • Setting time: 180s


  • Accurate Impression: Easy-mixing of IMPRECEED results in a creamy, bubble-free consistency that captures details accurately.
  • Optimal Thixotropic Property: IMPRECEED provides a balance of good drip resistance and fluidity to effectively provide coverage enabling detailed impression taking with minimal discomfort to patient.
  • Smooth Model Surface: IMPRECEED has good compatibility with hard stones producing smooth and precise detail reproduction on the gypsum model.

Directions for use:


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  • Pack of 454gms

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