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Fusion Crysta Adhesive Primer is a light-cured single-component orthodontic primer that combines etching, priming, and bonding in one bottle. It is an ethanolwater based dental adhesive containing 10- Methacryloyloxydececy! Dihydrogen Phosphate (10-MDP) a functional monomer that helps in bonding to dentin and enamel


  • Single bottle with etch, prime & bond provide clinically acceptable bond strength.
  • The primer contains the revolutionary 10-MDP, a functional monomer which helps in bonding to dentin, cut and un-cut enamel.
  • MDP promotes physical and chemical adhesion.
  • No post operative senstivity.
  • High bond strength and durability.


  • Used for adhesion of orthodontic brackets when used along with an adhesive


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Brand Prevest Denpro
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  • 1x 5ml Bottle, 5 x Mixing Wells, 10 x Micro Brushes, 1 x Instruction manual.

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