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Runyes Medical Instrument Co. Ltd has focussed on Quality management combine with innovative designs of dental equipment. The dental steam sterilizer has the most essential role in the dental clinic for sterilization of dental instruments and prevention of cross-contamination. Runyes has the European Class B standard autoclave with 23L capacity and upgraded features to make this autoclave the most reliable one.


  • B+ cycle for sterilization of implant kit.
  • Double door lock system to prevent potential danger caused by incorrect operation.
  • Steam Spray barrier to protect the instruments from damage.
  • Water filter in the chamber to prevent the drainage pipe from blocking.
  • Steam generator cleaning program to increase the efficiency of an autoclave.
  • The cooling condenser in the waste-water tank to prevent the tank from deform under heat.
  • USB functioning to store sterilization cycles.


  • B type front loading autoclave with triple Vacuum cycle.
  • Friendly operation interface, simple and easy.
  • B & D test to check the temperature penetration capacity of the sterilizer and Leak test to monitor whether there is leakage.
  • 3 temperature selection : 121⁰ C , 134⁰ C & B+
  • Sterilization of unwrapped/wrapped, solid/hollow, porous/non-porous instruments can be done.
  • Step button to select a date, month, year and time to store the sterilization cycle.
  • 2 separate water tanks available: Distilled water with 3.5litre capacity and waste-water tank with 5litre capacity.
  • The cooling condenser in the waste-water tank to reduce the water temperature and prevent deformation of the tank.
  • Water quality check sensor in the distilled water tank available.
  • An optional Printer is available.
  • Double door lock system i.e. airlock & mechanical lock to prevent potential damage.
  • B+ cycle in 134⁰ C temperature and sterilization holding time of 18 min for effective sterilization of Implant Kits.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage - AC - 220 V+/-10%
  • Frequency - 50/60Hz
  • Wire Plug - GB 3 Cores/EN 3 Cores
  • Max HP - 1800 VA
  • Electric Current - 10A
  • Physical Space - 23L
  • Class - Class B Standard
  • Sterilizing Temperature - 121°C, 134°C
  • Dry Procedure - Strong vacuum drying
  • Chamber Size - 249mm*450mm
  • Weight - 50 KG
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