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GC Equia® Forte is the next generation of EQUIA® that combines EQUIA Forte Fil and EQUIA Forte Coat to build a strong, superior bulk-fill system.

The Glass Hybrid Technology: EQUIA Forte Fill is a fast setting, aesthetic restorative with an increase in physical properties, achieved through the introduction of novel Glass Hybrid technology. A new, ultra ne, and highly reactive glass is dispersed within the glass hybrid fillers to accelerate and enhance matrix formation after mixing. This innovative glass hybrid technology increases the ion availability and builds a much stronger matrix structure with greater physical properties, wear resistance and fluoride release.


  • Class I restorations
  • Stress bearing Class II restorations
  • Non-stress bearing Class II restorations
  • Intermediate restorative
  • Class V and root surface restorations
  • Core build-up


  • Easy and quick to use
  • Not technique sensitive
  • Non sticky and packable
  • No polymerization shrinkage or shrinkage stress
  • Optimal marginal seal that offers long-term resistance to microleakage and discoloration
  • High fluoride release at tooth restorative interface with recharge capability
  • Outstanding resistance to wear and acid erosion
  • Available in 8 aesthetic shades
  • In comparison to original EQUIA, EQUIA Forte extends the indications to include stress bearing Class II Restorations
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  • Pack of 50 capsules

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