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A newly upgraded endomotor from DTE, Woodpecker, Endoradar Pro is designed to provide the dentist an effortless way to safely prepare the root canal. This device is very gratifying for the endodontist as it eliminates the requirement of two separate equipments, for working length determination and for biomechanical preparation. The Two-in-One function of this device with compact handpiece allows the dentist for an accurately shaped root canal by reducing the risk of procedural mishap.


  • High performance brushless motor with reduced noise and vibrations for a smooth operation.
  • Two-in-One function with auto-apical reverse function to prevent any over-instrumentation.
  • Integrated Apex locator provides real time display of file inside the canal for high precision root canal therapy.
  • Ultra-compact & Cordless handpiece for a better hand feeling and less hand-fatigue.
  • Super mini contra-angle for enhanced accessibility to the last molar region.
  • 360° rotatable contra-angle provides convenience of operation.
  • 6:1 gear ratio ensures low speed and controlled rotation under high torque.
  • Adjustable reciprocating angle range from 20° – 400° for accurate angle control.
  • ATR Mode: The file will reciprocate to set angle, when it reaches the Pre-set torque value that enables more efficient and safer preparation.
  • Touchable smart luminous panel for easy operation and easy maintenance.
  • Wireless charging of the handpiece with large capacity of the battery.
  • The storage of 30 predefined modes and 11 programs that can be memorized by the user allows them to be programmed at any time.
  • In each mode, the options are continuous movement, reciprocating movement or reverse movement.
  • When it reaches the set torque, it automatically rotates in the opposite direction, and returns to continuous rotation mode when the resistance disappears.
  • When it reaches the set torque, it automatically rotates in the opposite direction, and stops when the resistance disappears.
  • Automatic stop when the set torque is reached.
  • Compatible with all file systems on the market.

High Performance Endo Brushless Motor:

  • High speed, fast response, more accurate and stable output, ensuring more efficient and safe preparation.
  • Speed: 100 - 1200 rpm. Torque: 0.4 - 5.0 N.cm
  • Rotation is smooth, noise and vibration are less.
  • The handpiece is small, therefore you will feel much more comfortable using it while providing comfort to your patients.
  • Engine wear is less, less heat generation and longer service life.

Contra angle 6 : 1:

  • Super small head and slim neck.
  • 360° rotating contra angle.
  • For the preparation of different dental pieces.
  • More flexible operation.
  • Ensures smooth output from low speed to high torque.
  • Can be autoclaved to avoid cross infection.

Technical Specification:


  • ATR Mode in Endoradar pro: The file will automatically reciprocate to the set angles when the pre-set torque value is reached for a more efficient root canal preparation
  • Difference from Endoradar Plus: The handpiece is now slimmer, as the diameter is reduced by 2mm and circumference is reduced by 7mm for reduced hand fatigue for the dentist
  • Endo Motor Reciprocation Range: The reciprocation range of Endoradar pro is 20° – 400°. Both forward and reverse angles can be set as per the requirement by the dentist for accurate angle control.
  • Handpiece accessible to the 3rd Molar?: The handpiece head can easily be accessible to the 3rd molar region as the height of the handpiece is 9.7mm.
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  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 1 Year against manufacturing defect.
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product. Dentodeal may assist the customer in registering a request against warranty
  • The Buyer acknowledges that the Products once sold will not be exchanged or taken back unless the seal of the package or the Product is intact or not altered in any manner or is not tampered as the case may be.
  • 1 x Main unit(containing Apex Locator)
  • 1 x Motor Handpiece
  • 2 x Silicon cover
  • 2 x "O" ring
  • 1 x Contra Angle
  • 1 x Power Adaptor
  • 1 x USB Wire
  • 1 x Lubricator
  • 1 x Measuring Wire
  • 4 x File Clip
  • 2 x Lip Hook
  • 2 x Touch Probe
  • Instruction manual

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