Diamond Bur FG Cone Ogival End / SO Series - Microdont

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Diamond Bur FG#SO-20 [2215M] - Microdont
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Diamond bur is an abrasive device used to perform the dental preparation by wearing enamel and dentin, direct restorative material removal and is also suitable for adjusting prosthetic parts (composites, porcelain or metal). They are offered in different grit sizes of abrasive (diamond) according with the type of procedure as it follows below:

Color Grit Size Cutting Procedure
Yellow Extra Fine Grain Finishing of composites Indicated for finishing of composite
or porcelain.
Red Fine Grain Pre-finishing cavity
Indicated for the finishing walls and
edges of catity preparation.
Blue Standard Grain Universal grinding Used for procedures in enamel, dentine
and removal of restorative material.
Green Coarse Grain Pre-grinding Indicated for quickly reduction of
thick layers of dental structure.
Black Extra Coarse Grain Coarse pre-grinding Indicated for super quickly reduction of
thick layers of dental structure.


Grit Code Code Meaning Color
EF/FF Extra Fine Yellow
F Fine Red
M Medium Blue
C/G Coarse Green
EC/EG/VC Extra Coarse Black
S Short  
HL Long Shank  


FG High Speed
RA/CA Contra Angle
HP Handpiece



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