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Dental Resin Composite Heater is designed to heat the composite resin material, improve the flow performance of the adhesive, and can also be used as a manual device for heating bonding.

AR Heat uses a precise circuit to control the heating module, so that the temperature tolerance is controlled at #1°C. Depending on the choice of material and personal preference, temperature can be set up to: 40degrees, 50 degrees and 70 degrees.

Dental resin composite heater consist:

  • Main Unit
  • Power adapter
  • Temperature indicator light
  • Turn on/off button
  • Thermopreferendum button
  • Power DC socket


  • According to your choice of material and personal preference temperature can be set up to: 40 degrees, 50 degrees and 70 degrees with 3 different indicators.
  • The temperature can be controlled by the user.
  • Can also be used as a manual device for heating composite.
  • Easy handling.

Directions of Use:

  • STEP 1:After connecting to 15V Direct Current, three indicator lights (red, green and white) will be on. At that time composite heater can be used.
  • STEP 2:When users are using the heater, only the white light indicator lighter will be flashing, means the heater is working at 40o C. If you need to turn it off, push ON/OFF button again, (at that time, three indicator lights will be on) and the heater will stop heating.
  • STEP 3:Three working modes ( 40°C/ 50°C/ 70°C) can be chosen by users, according to their requirements.
  • STEP 4:After choosing one working mode, (taking 40 C for example) the indicator light will keep flashing when the temperature is below 40 C. Otherwise, the light will keep lighting. At the same time, you can choose another heating mode. If without any action on it, the heater will be on standby after 30 minutes.
  • STEP 5:If you need to use it again, just push ON/OFF button again and start heating
  • STEP 6:The heater should be placed on smooth surface
  • STEP 7:Injecting, heating resin composite material by syringes, the heating mode can be chosen by the user.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output: 15V DC 2A
  • Power: 30W
  • Temperature setting: 40±1℃, 50±1℃, 70±1℃




Reach the undefined temperature 



White LED glisten

White LED normally on



Green LED glisten

Green LED normally on



Red LED glisten

Red LED normally on


  • The resin composite material must tighten the lid of the syringe, preventing leakage material
    within the heating body.

Clean & disinfect:

  • All the parts can be cleaned with disinfectant dish cloth. Don't put any parts immersed in any liquid cleaning and disinfection, don't disinfect under high temperature and high pressure

Fault warning: 3 sets of indicator light glisten together: Temperature sensor failure.

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  • Main Unit
  • Power adapter
  • Temperature indicator light
  • Turn on/off button
  • Thermopreferendum button
  • Power DC socket

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