Bioceramic-based root canal sealers are considered to be an advantageous technology in endodontics. Bioceramic-based sealers have only been available for use in endodontics for the past thirty years, their rise to prominence corresponding to the increased use of bioceramic technology in the fields of medicine and dentistry. Bioceramics are ceramic materials designed specifically for medical and dental use. They include alumina, zirconia, bioactive glass, glass ceramics, hydroxyapatite, and calcium phosphates. The classification of bioceramic materials into bioactive or bioinert materials is a function of their interaction with the surrounding living tissue. Bioactive materials, such as glass and calcium phosphate, interact with the surrounding tissue to encourage the growth of more durable tissues. Bioinert materials, such as zirconia and alumina, produce a negligible response from the surrounding tissue,